Seminar/Workshop/ Vison Therapy - Cases & Procedures using Lenses & Light

Unique VT Seminar/Workshop

November 18-19, 2017

Presenter: Stefan Collier

Organized by BOAF-EASO and hosted at Scott Eye Care, Oswego - IL - USA

Stefan will give a workshop on the use of Lenses and Light in Vision Training.

He will employ common and not-so- common Case Studies to explore the causes and delineate the treatment of these visual problems using an array of Lenses and Light Frequencies.

The seminar will cover aspects of basic observation, specific testing procedures and evaluations of patients with an assortment of different Vision Disorders. 

These Case examples and demonstrations will be used to make this a clinically driven lecture.

Equipment will be provided for use during the workshop portion of the seminar. 


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