2 Seminars/Workshop: ”Syntonics for Newbies" & ”The Syntony of the VO star"

Unique Functional Syntonic & Behavioral Optometry Seminar/Workshop

August 10 - 11 - 12, 2018

Presenter: Stefan Collier

Organized by BOAF-EASO and hosted at Scott Eye Care, Oswego - IL - USA

Seminar 1 ”Syntonics for Newbies“

This seminar is a one-day fast track seminar (scheduled on the Friday before the seminar) that will provide a solid introduction into the Foundation & Principles & Basic Underlying Components of Functional Syntonic Optometry (FSO). 

This Seminar is ideal for newcomers who want to get started with FSO or those who feel that they need a refresher course.

Seminar 2 ”The Syntony of the VO Star“

A two-day seminar that will explore the intersection of VO Star evaluation with Syntonic testing and treatment. 

The seminar will explore the interpretation and meaning of each component of the VO Star.  The Syntonic and VO Star findings will be integrated with each other to develop an effective and individualized treatment regime for each patient.

Syntonic equipment to use during the workshops will be provided by SYntonac International LLC.


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