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Nils Bartels: office@boaf.eu


BOAF/ Frank Hardy

Fie Carelsen 4

4384 JW Vlissingen

The Netherlands

BOAF Register: .KVK Nr.: 54479126- Middelburg-NL  


In October 2011 a new European Behavioral Optometry family has been founded. The name of this Foundation is „ Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation“ (BOAF).

The purpose of this foundation is to improve and advance Behavioral/Functional Optometry, Syntonic Optometry, Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation (here after called Behavioral Optometry) towards the goal of better serving humanity in the care of the precious gift of vision.

„BOAF“, want‘s to provide to their members, post graduate seminars, meetings, workshops, articles and much more, for spreading the word about this wonderful profession. Investing in education on Behavioral Optometry is very important for the professional daily work. 

Since technology advances so fast, „BOAF“ also have to stay updated. „BOAF“ supports those needs for starters and experienced practitioners. They can count on established entities and already successful programs.

"BOAF" is a very fast growing community of Behavioral Optometrist and other professionals, who wants to  support and learn more about this wonderful profession.

"BOAF" has already members from Italy, The Netherlands, UK, USA, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.

BOAF Annual Conference


BOAF First Annual Conference

2012 Bolzano-Italy (by Hartmut Wander)

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BOAF 2nd Annual Conference

2013 Amsterdam-NL (by Hartmut Wander)

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