The purpose of this website is to give you some global information on Behavioral/Functional Optometry, Syntonic Optometry and Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation. 

You can also find more information about the Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation (BOAF) and the European Academy of Syntonic Optometry (EASO), 2 wonderful organizations. These organizations have special Lists where members can share knowledge with each other and they also have a Live Chat. Visiting the following websites is really a must.

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About Stefan

He is a leader in bringing Behavioral/Functional Optometry and Syntonics to Europe. Stefan‘s knowledge, and willingness to share, has allowed him to have several awards bestowed upon him over the years.

- 2002 & 2004 The Armand Bastien Award from Optometric extension Program Foundation (OEPF)

- 2010 The Skeffington-Alexander International Award from OEPF

- 2011 The Spitler Award from the College of Syntonic Optometry (CSO)

- 2012 The Lifetime Achievement Award from Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation BOAF

- 2014 The International Lifetime Achievement Award from OEPF

- 2015 The - Premio Robert y Linda Sanet- Award from SIODEC

- 2016 The Advancement of Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Award from NORA

Favorite Links

Stefan‘s Book


In this mini guide you can find a brief outline on how to apply Syntonic Optometry - Syntonic Phototherapy in an optometric office.

Basic concepts and principles based on the College of Syntonic Optometry (CSO) curriculum courses, thought and taught by the author, are put together in a very handy guide for starters or as a reminder for practitioners.

English / Version


Also as Ebook available


and other On-Offline Bookstores.


On this website you will find in the EVENTS folder, info about events organized by several Behavioral Optometric associations.

If you would like to publish an event on the topic Behavioral Optometry, Vision, or other relating topics, on my website, send an email with all the info (pdf) about this event at stefancollier@mac.com. After deliberation, I'll decide to publish your event on my website.


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The SC-WEBSITE is still in a developmental stage. So visit regularly and discover the novelties.