Dr. Deborah Zelinsky

fMRI Analysis of Three Concurrent Processing Pathways By Dr. Deborah Zelinsky

I got the permission from Dr. D. Zelinsky to put another wonderful open article / Chapter 3 on my website. This chapter has been published in the Book " Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Advanced Neuroimaging Applications.  For more information on this chapter and or the book, please contact directly Dr. Deborah Zelinsky at The Mind-Eye Connection, USA.

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fMRI Analysis of Three Concurrent Processing Pathways 

1. Introduction

Biomarkers are useful measurements to monitor ranges of neurological and biochemical activity. They can be used as warning signs of poor adaptation to changes in either internal or external environments. The eye is an apt structure to use for obtaining biomarkers, since it interacts with multiple systems. For instance, pupil size and response during visual scanning tasks is...

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Dr. Deborah Zelinsky

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I am an optometrist who uses eyeglasses and contact lenses for purposes other than clear eyesight. The Mind-Eye Connection was founded in 1992 to emphasize research on systems connected to the eyes. As technology evolved and research demonstrated new retinal connections, a new branch of optometry (neuro-optometry) began to encompass the those connections, using the retina as a portal into brain function.